Scientific Papers Publications

Scientific Papers publications

1. Odontoid Metastasts ; a potential lethal complication.

F. Ryan, C.Mukundan, DD Shukla, RL Barrington

J Orthop Traumatol. 2009 December; 10(4): 199–201.

2 A Case of relapsing Salmonella Ostemyelitis in a Thalassaemia trait patient.

F.Rayan, C. Mukundan, D D Shukla

J Orthopaedics and Traumatology . 2009 March; 10(1): 31–33.

3. Clinical , Arthroscopic and MRI Correlation in diagnosis of Acute meniscal and ACL knee injuries. – D Shukla, S. Bhonsle

International Orthopaedics. February 2008 ( On line published followed by journal )

Prospective Study of 153 cases looking at best and appropriate method to identify accuracy of diagnosis, positive and negative predictive value, specificity and sensitivity of each of these methods.

4. Allograft bone substitutes in acute proximal tibial fracture management in elderly Patients. - D Shukla, M.Bansal

Injury : February 2008 ( On line published followed by Journal )

Prospective study of comminuted proximal tibial fractures in elderly patients using allograft bone substitute with internal fixation , avoiding surgery of obtaining bone graft.

5. Periprosthetic Femur Fractures in Octogenarians : Are plating system The Answer ?

Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2007, Volume 4 , Number 2

  • 23 cases of peri –prosthetic femur fractures
  • treated with Dall-Miles cable plate or Mennen plate
  • High failure rate with plating system in comparison to when femur stem Revised to a long stem .

6. Management of Peri Prosthetic Femur fractures. What works?

D.D. Shukla, F.Ryan, C.Mukundan

Injury Extra, Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2007, Page 27-28

  • Study looking at the outcome comparing plating v/s intra medullary fixation method of fixation and looking at the outcome.
  • High failure rate observed with plating systems and high incidence of locking screw fixation failure and stem migration observed with Cannulock stems.
  • High failure rate with plating system in comparison to when femur stem Revised to a long stem .

7. Corrosion of Cemented Titanium Femoral Stems :

S.Thomas, D.D. Shukla, P.D. Latham

  • JBJS ( Br.) 86-B, No.7, September 2004, Pages 974 – 978
  • Crevice corrosion in titanium cemented stems requiring revision surgery
  • 12 cases of painful cemented femoral titanium stems showing classical fusiform cortical thickening in Zones 3,4,5 in all cases requiring revision surgery

8. Outcome of Intra articular fractures of Distal Humerus in Adults.

Mr. D.D. Shukla

  • 42 cases of AO type B and C variety treated with open reduction and internal fixation
  • Poor outcome identified with unstable fixation and type C3 fractures irrespective of type of fixation.
  • Olecranon osteotomy is likely to give better result in comparison to triceps approach

Publication as a full article :

Proceedings of 6th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Current Contents

ISI Publications, Philadelphia, USA.

9. Bilateral Spontaneous ruptures of Achilles Tendon Secondary to Limb Ischemic.

D.D. Shukla

Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, USA. September 2002,Vol. 41, Number 5, 328-329

  • correlation of spontaneous rupture of tendon with poor arterial circulation of limb , in absence of other predisposing factors.

10. Intra-capsular Fracture Neck of Femur : Can we fix it better ? Bio Geometric Study.

D.D. Shukla

  • Bio Geometric study of 20 Cadaveric proximal femur bones with CT Scan
  • Analysis of two different triangular configuration for Cannulated screws fixation
  • Conclusion : Reverse triangular configuration for Cannulated screws fixation is likely to achieve better, stable and reliable fixation.
Abstract to be published in JBJS ( Br )

Paper Presentation at BOA ( British Orthopaedic Association ) Annual conference in Birmingham, September 2005.

11. Outcome of 35 cases of Knee and Foot Deformities treated with Ilizarov Ring Fixator for various indications. -

  • Gujarat State Orthopaedic Association Journal, India, December 1993
  • Use of ring fixation for correction of complex deformities of foot and Knee in conditions like --- Poliomyelitis, Club Feet & Post - traumatic deformities.

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